Dust Control Products

• Dust Off (Magnesium Chloride)

  • An environmentally friendly dust suppressant for a cleaner air and dust-free workspace.
  • The least expensive Dust Control available presently.
  • Cost: 1 acre material costs: approximately $2100. Wait Time: 2 Hours.

• Dust Boss (Settling the Dust)

  • (Tree Sap) or Lignin Sulfate (Wood Molasses)
  • Farm and Crop "Friendly" Dust Control
  • Applied at a rate of .6 gal/per sq. yard for a completely dust-free season
  • Cost: 1/2 miles x 10' = $2960. Wait Time: 2 Hours

• SC 800,250,70 (Asphalt Cutbacks)

  • For more permanent surfaces on the farm (Works best with Road Base, DG or Asphalt Grindings).
  • Makes a nice roadway for main roads to shops, yards, etc.
  • Wait Time: 10-15 days


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    Spreads the proper amount of material on the ground where it should be.

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